Brewery and Ingredient Supply Chain Traceability

Providing actionable, hassle free traceability solutions for the brewing industry.

About Us

Glengarry provides brewery supply chains traceability solutions that leverage product traceability as a marketing tool and an operational one. This allows you to effectively market your product by communicating with your customers effectively without overloading your limited packaging real-estate.

Product traceability has so far been seen as a necessity, a regulatory burden or a bookkeeping exercise. At Glengarry, we see it as an opportunity to connect with your customers and help them connect with theirs.

We turn what used to be opaque lot numbers into a rich data stream that helps customers manage their inventory, facilitates product reordering and builds confidence in the quality of the product. It notifies customers of recalled lots and most importantly, positively informs them that they are not affected by recalls reported in the media.

Create lasting relationships with new customers while strengthening existing supply arrangements by making the use of your products easier and meeting regulatory requirements without the hassle.

Our Product

Glengarry’s traceability management console allows you to control every aspect of your product’s traceability data using industry standards while providing valuable market analytics about the use of your products by your customers. No more handwritten notes on a paper pad frustratingly lost in a pile. All of the information is easily exchanged with spreadsheets, inventory applications or smartphone applications.

Add in-house QR codes to track storage and inventory or create GS1® DigitalLink compliant symbols for use with customer-facing checkout systems. Since each code is unique to the package it can be uniquely tracked within the supply chain ensuring authenticity, consistency and proper tracking without double counting inventory.

The use of machine readable barcodes allows you to communicate detailed product specifications to your customers that are relevant to that specific packaging instance. Third-party quality assurance reports, best-before date and ethical sourcing compliance can be transmitted through a human readable website or integrated to the customer’s IT systems through established industrial standards. A printable single page traceability report is available for download for customers wishing to obtain a hardcopy.

Traceability that supports your operations and doesn’t hinder it

Our software makes it simple to integrate product data sheets specific to the product, be it hops, malts or even end-consumer packaging. It allows your customers to retrieve the exact information that they need to make the best use of your product in brewing theirs. Minimise test batches and out-of-spec production runs, whether you use complex Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) software, a spreadsheet or your trusted notebook.

Integrate outside data sources from other systems such as your refrigeration sensors, allowing you to demonstrate the proper storage and custody of the ingredients before shipment. Link in your shipping application to provide advance shipping notifications (ASN) to your customers of exactly what shipment is on its way and its precise specifications. Make it easy for them to plan their production schedule based on arriving shipments and handle exceptions gracefully.

Recycle your data

Every day you produce reports and data to help you run your business or to satisfy external requirements. This investment of your time is seen as the cost of doing business; why not reuse your data and get a competitive advantage from it?

As a conscientious producer you take care of your production, monitor process quality through testing, ensure proper storage and keep the records that are required of you.

Get the most out of your hard work by reusing this data to communicate to your customer the quality and uniqueness of your product. Product traceability is not just a “What if?” requirement or a regulatory hurdle to be borne: it is an opportunity to demonstrate the traits and quality inherent in your product.

Our Services

Glengarry provides vertically integrated solutions and consulting specific to the brewery and brewery ingredient industry, including hop yards and malt mills.

Food Traceability Compliance

Food producers - and breweries do produce food - are legally required to be able to trace their production and the ingredients used within the production along with the provenance and the specific lots used per batch. Glengarry’s advisors can help you meet these requirements while getting the most value out of the process.

Brewing and Ingredients Analytics

Production scheduling and capacity planning decisions can have long lead times that range from weeks to years. Glengarry can provide detailed ingredient use and beer consumption trend analytics to help you make strategic decisions based on hard facts. We’re not here to tell you how to run your business, but to help you execute your production objectives in the way that is the most advantageous to you.

Software / Hardware

Through strategic partnerships we can recommend and source appropriate hardware for the hands-free recording of traceability events, packaging printing and whenever possible, the recording of information without resorting to burdensome manual data entry.

Who We Are

Glengarry Forestry and Agriculture is a Canadian based company started by farmers and engineers frustrated with the amount of paperwork that they needed to juggle to manage their farms with.